When it was time to build a new home, I turned to Shanna to drive the interior design. With her deep knowledge and expertise, she was able to work with me on discovering the best style for my new house. Throughout the building process, she was a perfectionist and ensured everything hit our quality goals. I would happily work with Shanna if I ever decide to build another home.

- Rob Pardo, former Chief Creative Officer at Blizzard Entertainment and Homeowner

Shanna is an extremely talented and knowledgeable designer who inspires and guides her teams to success every step of the way. Her strong leadership and organizational skills lend themselves to any team and/or project that she is a part of and helps to establish the utmost quality on every deliverable. She is a great mentor and provides her teams with the necessary knowledge and tools to not only benefit the project but, also to provide individual growth and confidence. Her passion for design is contagious and she evokes fun and team unity through her collaboration with all team members.

- Grace Machado McClurg @ WATG

During her time at WATG, Shanna impressed myself and others with her design acumen, but her true strengths and reason for her growth within the company were her client management skills and business savvy. She was tasked with fixing problem projects and managing the most difficult clients. These talents, combined with her knowledge of ever-evolving design trends and their market impact, made her a significant contributor to WATG's bottom line.

- Mike Donahue @ WATG

Shanna is an excellent experienced designer, who pays attention to detail, client concerns & desires as well as the bottom line. She's very professional and is well respected in the industry. She is well informed and possesses a wealth of knowledge which she loves to share. It was a pleasure working with her, and I highly recommend her work.

- Susan Frieson @ WATG

Shanna and I worked on a fast track design project in Algeria and a complex interior to the new Royal Opera House in Oman. Shanna works extremely hard and fast to meet tight deadlines. She has an excellent knowledge of materials and construction and takes responsibility capably. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

- Allan Corrigan @ WATG

Shanna is a talented designer who completed a number of successful interiors projects at WATG. Shanna is always ready to go the extra mile and has worked long hours as needed. Shanna is a true professional with a great design sense and excellent attitude that make her an outstanding employee destined to go far in any endeavor.

- Bob Napack @ WATG

Shanna is an extremely talented designer who brings forth extensive expertise and high energy to every project. She is a very organized team leader with a clear design direction which helps to maintain each project's high quality level. Every detail is very intentional. She is also strongly committed to sharing her knowledge with her team to ensure that every member of a project is equally competent in delivering exceptional design. She has always been a mentor to several mutual colleauges including myself and on top of that has shown great team support in times of need.

- Troy Thompson @ TKO Art

Shanna is highly detail oriented, knowledgeable, very organized, and she was a really good coach to everyone in the office.

- Virginia Lau @ HDG

Shanna is a dedicated, organized and highly motivated professional. She has a broad range of experience to manage and implement Projects that will improve a firms bottom line. She has consistently demonstrated the professional skills, high standards and sound judgement and professionalism that will benefit any organization.

- Charlie Wyse @ WATG

Highly creative, insightful, detail oriented... everything you would look for in a top notch design professional.

- Christine Wasmer @ Wasmer Contract Group

Shanna Kerr is an extremely talented and professional interior designer.  She has a working knowledge of the intricacies of architectural design, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering, and overall construction that is rarely found in an interior designer.  In addition to her considerable skills, this makes her a uniquely well rounded professional that commands respect from clients, architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors alike.  Prior to starting SMDA Shanna was a leading interior designer for the world renown resort hotel design firm WATG.  She worked on incredibly challenging projects with them both nationally and internationally.  That background and experience puts her at the top of her profession.  Shanna is smart, talented, a great team player and one of the hardest working people I know in our industry.  Working with her is a pleasure and I would recommend her to any client without reservation.

-Homer Oatman @ Oatman Architects

I am now on my fourth project with Shanna and the SMDA team.  All I can say is I wouldn't hire anyone else.  Shanna has always taken the time to understand my vision and bring it to life in ways I never thought imaginable.  Our working relationship is a very collaborative experience and as a result, each project has a unique vision while having extreme functionality.  Her sense of pushing the boundaries of design mean that everything she chooses an designs always feels fresh and result in an innovative interpretation of the classics.

-Pamina Barkow, Homeowner