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Shanna treats interior design as a true art form.  Her aspiration to deliver dramatic and beautiful yet functional spaces is driven by the core belief that interior design impacts peoples’ emotions and how they experience the world even when they are not aware of it.  Her vision is to consistently deliver a unique environment for each project that excels in functionality without sacrificing the aesthetics of the space.

Originally born in Taiwan and then growing up in Australia and California, Shanna has traveled extensively infusing global culture and knowhow into her designs.  Her passion for travel, food, art, and fashion feeds her creative soul and provides inspiration on every project.

As an accomplished interior designer with over twenty years of experience, Shanna perfected her craft working at leading firms such as Hatch Design Group, WATG, and The Getty’s Group before founding SMDA in 2005.  At each firm, she made her mark developing a specialty in designing spaces that deliver high impact and visibility in public spaces internationally on large-scale projects around the world: Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia.  From large-scale custom homes to fine dining restaurants to boutique resorts, Shanna has the experience to dig into the details of each project, each clients needs and style, and then bring that project to life.

As Founder and Principal of SMDA, Shanna is a detail oriented hands-on designer that is intricately familiar with all phases of a project’s development from concept to construction.  SMDA is thoroughly infused by Shanna's bold, dynamic, and forthright nature.  With flair, she brings with her a team, work methods, and the quality standards of an international practice but delivered with a personal and boutique experience. 

Shanna is an extremely talented designer who brings forth extensive expertise and high energy to every project. She is a very organized team leader with a clear design direction which helps to maintain each project’s high quality level. Every detail is very intentional. She is also strongly committed to sharing her knowledge with her team to ensure that every member of a project is equally competent in delivering exceptional design. She has always been a mentor to several mutual colleauges including myself and on top of that has shown great team support in times of need.
— Troy Thompson @ TKO Art