SMDA has the ideas, designs, and creativity to create compelling spaces. And we know how to execute them. We bring your vision to life with one-of-a-kind unique environments that are dramatic, beautiful, and emotionally connect the homeowner or guest with the space.


Large-Scale Custom Homes:

Instead of designing in a vacuum, we see home owners as collaborators on a journey.  Whether it is an entertainment room, hidden VIP room, art studio, in-home night club, greatroom, kitchen, guestroom, private gym, theater, or master bedroom, we take your visions and style translating it into something that exemplifies the way you want to live and entertain.  We design your house the same way we design the best boutique hotels with every detail thought out and luxury touches like cashmere scattered throughout so that your home becomes and extension of you, a pleasure to live in and entertain in everyday.


High-Impact Hospitality:

We have worked on restaurants, lobbies, spas, entertainment centers, boutique hotels, music venues, and conference centers around the world.  Our work is about balancing functionality, beauty, and drama.  It is about creating an experience the customer can not ignore when they walk through the space.  It is about touching all their senses whether they are served a meal or staying the night.  From take away boxes, to menus, to uniforms, to the background music, we want to collaborate on all the details to create a cohesive all-encompassing customer experience. 



Design is in the details: words to live by at SMDA.  We dive deep and spend the time necessary to get the details right.  We don't work in a single style, but we do have the recurring theme of intent.  Every view and focal point is intentional and planned.  Every detail is thought out and “right” for the space, style, and use.  Every detail aligns within the space to create continuity.  Good design is about the details.



We value unity and cohesion.  We pull everyone, from vendors to architects, and every element together for unity in the workflow and details.  At every stage, clients see their visions reflected and elevated.  We analyze the intent, characteristics, and longevity of a space giving clients the assurance that their finished design will be unique and functional whether the project at hand is restaurant, hotel and a home.

When it was time to build a new home, I turned to Shanna to drive the interior design. With her deep knowledge and expertise, she was able to work with me on discovering the best style for my new house. Throughout the building process, she was a perfectionist and ensured everything hit our quality goals. I would happily work with Shanna if I ever decide to build another home.
— Rob Pardo, former Chief Creative Officer at Blizzard Entertainment and Homeowner